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Have you ever felt conflicted pertaining to your subjects, you read but now you possess dilemma regarding to concept clearance. The question arises why? What makes you doubtful over the hypothesis. So here you need to take a pause and re-think, where are you lacking and in this process ERA is with you? So let’s break this chaos and put a straight filter between your choices by talking to our counselors a support which you need to channelize your thoughts bring out the best from you, make you believe in yourself a person whom you can trust and he will make your flaws your strength and put you in the best place. After passing this hardest part all you have to do is speed up the accelerator and take your life towards success by giving the steering wheel to our highly qualified teachers who will assist our every student in a personalized manner. our aim is to build a better you in every possible way.Deep down a student know how he or she is feeling in this society with exam oriented mindset and he/she just can’t express it because they will be judged or left behind by others but our aim is to provide you a support by introducing personalized classrooms of limited students with almost same IQ so that no one feels left out and our 24/7 available counselors and mentors. we will prepare you for every kind of competition either a real life one or IIT. so Hakuna Matata.And welcome to ERA family.  

IDEA :                                        
To do some work we always need a helping hand who assist us so we have an assistant in offices and workplaces also we have some digital assistant like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Goggle Assistant which assist us in our daily life, then why not an assistant for the students which will connect the student with best according to their nature, interest and hobbies, this is basically redefine the concept of education. hence we call it Assistant to Redefine Education and if we pick the first letter of words from end so it becomes ERA – Assistant to Redefine Education, which is managed by the STROT ASSOCIATE.  

LOGO :       
The logo of ERA – ASSISTANT TO REDEFINE EDUCATION is designed by ASHISH A ARAYATH. Which compares the journey of a student with the life of butterfly from caterpillar.

On 4th August 2009, Parliament of India enacted Right to Education Act which is making education as a fundamental Right but even after 11 years, we are still struggling to provide quality education to the students of villages where 60% of the population lives in Village.                      
Government is trying it’s best by modification and increasing the number of government schools in villages but we know that India is leading country with 136 Crores population where private organization plays a vital role in education system but the miserable part is that private organizations are more concern on profit making by targeting the students of metropolitan cities instead of enlightening the knowledge as whole. It is absolutely transparent in statistical research that students are lacking with basic concepts. Our prior education system was more focused on curriculum syllabus instead of developing analytical skills, but as we know that government of India has recently launched New Education Policy 2020 for removing the fault lines which creates a new hope for better outcome.Youth always play a vital role in a constructive journey to achieve wider goals of Nation. So the youth came up with a Start Up i.e. ERA which relates with New Education Policy 2020 of India. This Start-Up creates an environment of learning and earning from home. The primary focus of this project is the student of villages.

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